Must Be the Neighbours
to Apr 27

Must Be the Neighbours

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Artist will be present in the gallery : Thursday, April 18th, 5-7pm

Ottawa artist Elle Chae presents her latest series of new works at Project SPACE, an art incubator space for WALL SPACE GALLERY.

Elle Chae’s practice deals with the meaning of home as a vital, yet transitory place, which is defined by its occupants and their ordinary interactions. Her focus has been increasingly on exploring the concept of non-deliberate, relational community structures, particularly in terms of how individuals interact with each other and their environment. Chae considers painting’s expressive nature as a tool to invent and re-invent apprehension-filled narratives within the local environment.

In “Must Be the Neighbours”, Chae’s focus shifts to the exterior of the home as she notices unwanted, curb-side objects during daily neighbourhood walks with her toddler. Fascinated by a loss of interest in these items, Chae observes that a change in their placement to the exterior of the home immediately transforms belongings, influenced by the dweller’s memory and personality, into meaningless things. Thus, she questions the artificial and fragile boundary between the exterior and the interior. Regardless of the intention, she realizes how relocation can drastically reshape the collective view and atmosphere of any neighbourhood. As a contribution to this interplay, she recreates her own neighbourhood in this work, inviting viewers to connect with the familiar, yet foreign, urban landscapes. 

The process involved documenting changes around her neighbourhood, focusing on the daily walks to her studio in her community of Vanier, Ottawa. Fluctuations were as small as the shifting of leaves shuffled by passersby on the street to a house disappearing after a fire. She often replaced objects and persons from one place onto different scenes or combines the same scenes in different times; resulting in a sense of constant and accelerated change. 

Chae continues to explore different ways of considering the mark-making process, embodying different degrees of physicality and intensity. This reflects the wide range of techniques used to accentuate the material presence of oil paint and the scalable impact of colours and tones on the viewers’ sensory systems. Chae often overlays different scenes on one pictorial plane to create a psychological space that highlights painting as a place for contemplation where meaning is formed based on interpretation, synthesized experience, context and inventiveness on the part of the viewer and the artist.

The artist gratefully acknowledges the City of Ottawa’s Creation and Production Fund for Professional Artists for the support of this exhibition. 

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Le Party
5:00 PM17:00

Le Party

One of Ottawa’s premier social events, LE PARTY is a silent art auction featuring works by over 65 regional artists, ranging from emerging to established.

The auction attracts hundreds of guests who have a taste for regional art and food.

Your ticket price includes food and drink samples generously provided by a selection of the city’s finest cuisine.

As the OAG’s signature fundraising event for over twenty years, LE PARTY raises funds that allows the Gallery to offer free educational programs, tours, events and free admission to the Gallery every day. Join us in celebrating local artists, food and drink while helping build Ottawa’s cultural legacy.

Please note that the Spencerville gallery on the 3rd floor and the 4th floor galleries will close at 5 PM. 

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International Figurative Biennale
to Nov 24

International Figurative Biennale

  • John Natsoulas Gallery, California, US (map)
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With figurative paintings from every culture and style imaginable, there is something for everyone at the one-of-a-kind International Figurative Biennale! Don’t miss this unforgettable exhibition which only comes once every 2 years. It’s the only show of its kind on the West Coast and runs September 26th to November 24th at John Natsoulas Gallery.

The show was created to give the opportunity to experience avant-garde, worldwide trends in art that can normally only be accessed in prestigious international arenas such as the Venice Biennale. Over 30 contemporary, cutting-edge artists have provided work that grapples with a notoriously difficult subject: the human figure. Throughout art history and across all cultures, this has remained a subject to which artists have been continually drawn. This year’s exhibition features some more classical artists, such as Italian artist, Ilaria Rosselli Del Turco, who has incorporated the figure and still life in a looser, more traditional style of painting. Del Turco, as well as Californian artist Dean Fisher, pays homage to these classical traditions. There are also displays of both neoclassical and surreal works — such as those by Avery Palmer and Argentinian painter, Gabriel Sainz. At times unsettling, these paintings undeniably command attention. Libyan artists, Yousef Fetis and Najlaa El- Ageli, have provided paintings that successfully create a relationship between their past and present culture. Paintings from Greece, Italy, Spain, Ukraine, Russia, Canada, Mexico, Czechia, Albania, the UK, and more will also be on display for the public. These are just a handful of the marvelous artworks at this year’s International Figurative Biennale- a marriage between cultures and tradition.

These talented painters give a walkthrough of the past, present and cutting edge in over 4 floors and 100 figurative paintings from around the globe, this is a rare opportunity you don’t want to miss!

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